Well you should see my story readin' baby

I've decided to broaden my literary horizons by reading one book written by each author, in order, mentioned in the song My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors by Toronto band Moxy Früvous (they've sadly broken up; the song is from their first album, Bargainville). I've also decided, encouraged by my friend Aiden, to blog about it. That's why you're here.

Just a few rules: all books should be fiction; no books I've read before; I have to read the whole book, even if I'm finding it awful; I should have finished all the books by December 31, 2009.

If anyone should be crazy enough to join in, please drop me a line; the only caveat is that I would ask you to read different books by the authors, just to broaden the scope of the blog.

Who's on first? Let's consult the first verse:

Well you should see my story readin' baby
You should hear the things that she says

She says "Hon, drop dead,
I'd rather go to bed
With Gabriel García Márquez."

Yes, I'm starting with Márquez, making my initial choice one that will involve solitude, violence, and death; on the other hand, he did win the Nobel Prize for literature.

By the way, I received an excellent crop of books for Christmas, though I've not started any of them yet; I'm currently finishing off the non-fiction What Does a Martian Look Like? by Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart, and flipping through Karl Kruszelnicki's latest collection, Science is Golden.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! What a genius you are, Ben. I am truly excited on your behalf for when you get to Robertson Davies, who is one of my favourite authors! I have lots of RD books for you to borrow when you get there. The best two are (IMO) The Manticore and The Rebel Angels, although there are loads of good ones to choose from.