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You're probably wondering what comes after Naked Lunch, and I'm quite excited about the answer: bell hooks. If you're not familiar with her, she's the Distinguished Professor of English at City College in New York, famous as an author, feminist, and social activist; her seminal (yes, I'm thinking about the source of that word more than usual too) work is Ain't I a Woman?: Black Women and Feminism, though I've been thinking that perhaps I'll look for one of her more recent works since, I would hope, feminism (and the issues of racial equality and cultural politics) will have changed quite a bit since 1981. If you have an opinion on which of her books I should read, I would love to hear it - don't be shy!

Meanwhile, here's something for those of you who like typography and/or aren't fans of suspense! I was recently introduced to a great little web thingy called Wordle, which takes a bunch of words and arranges them in wonderful ways. Here's what I managed to do with Wordle and the lyrics to the Moxy Früvous song that kicked this whole blog off, My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors - it'll give you a taste of things to come!

Wordle: My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors

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