Too slow, Chicken Marengo!

It's taking me an age to get through Niagara: A History of the Falls. Not because Berton is a bad writer - far from it, his prose is engaging and to the point. The problem is this isn't a novel, nor a history of one identifiable thing; yes, everything is about Niagara in some way, but it could be the scam merchants fleecing tourists, or the daredevils climbing a wire above the cataract, or the power magnates building hydroelectric plants... All the bits are fascinating, but the players come and go and the Falls come in and out of focus. It's not the sort of book you generally read cover to cover.

Ah well. I've borrowed some comic books and banned myself from reading anything but Niagara. I'm making is sound awful, but it's not - it's just not a constant reading companion.

Should be done soon anyway, though. Only 100 or so pages left!

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