In Another Dimension of Space...

Quick update today: last night I finished The Blind Assassin. I'll get time for the full post in the next few days, but the short version is that it took a while to get into, and the journey was more important than the destination, but I really enjoyed it.

I did finish reading The Graveyard Book, and it didn't disappoint. I saw some negative feeling towards it because it was nominated for a Hugo, despite being a book for younger readers, and some comments were tossed around that it was unworthy. I admit I'm not up with the current standards of science fiction and fantasy literature, but I reckon it was a worthy nomination; I certainly enjoyed it as much as I did any of the Bunch of Authors books so far.

For those interested, I'm now reading my beloved The Lord of the Rings, because she loves Tolkien and it's about time I put some effort into sharing it with her. I am one of those who loved The Hobbit as a kid, but didn't make it more than a third through Fellowship of the Ring; I've met many like me since. I have famously proclaimed that I liked the films better, since I did try Fellowship again after seeing the film (though my plan to read each book after seeing each film never came to fruition). This time around, with my love to guide me, I'm getting into it much more, and I'm amazed how little I remember of the book.

I've also started (as in I got about three pages in this morning before leaving for work) Tempest-Tost by Robertson Davies, and it's shorter, but in small print. Three more books, two and half months left in the year. Time to step up!


  1. I LOOOOVE Robertson Davies! 'The Manticore' is great but also 'The Rebel Angels' is amazing. 'The Cunning Man' has, perhaps, the greatest opening line of a novel I've ever read.

    You may already be aware that 'Tempest Tost', like most RD novels, is part of a trilogy, so if you like it there are two more follow ups you can read!

  2. Enjoy your journey through Middle Earth. Once you get past the Council and leave Rivendell things will pick up. (The book is better than the films)