Doin' some readin'

This post is a bit of a catch-up; I'm two books ahead of the blog now. Yesterday I finished Tempest-Tost, and I'm already 30+ pages into The English Patient (already it feels like it was written by a poet, and indeed Ondaatje has some poetry anthologies listed in his "also by this author"). There's a draft of the The Blind Assassin post sitting in blogger, and I promise to finish it this week.

Life is exceptionally busy: work is at a critical point in a big project, I've gigs coming up, there are registration deadlines looming for various festivals, and I'm going to America and Canada in under three weeks. I'll do my best to catch up before I go, but I feel on-track: two months left, and two books to go.

I'll return soon, I promise!

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