The library's the thing

As usual these days, it's been a while between drinks here at the Bunch. But I've not been idle; a Comedy Festival has come and gone, and I've been reading and writing scripts and jokes and all manner of things. Just not that many books.

I am currently reading the first of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast novels, Titus Groan, and thoroughly enjoying it, though it's been a largely interrupted read. It'll appear here before long, though.

You'll notice, if you're visiting the site, that I've done a bit of winter cleaning: I've updated the layout (though I reserve the right to keep tinkering with that!), and I've also switched from Shelfari to LibraryThing for my little widget showing pictures of the books I've read.

LibraryThing is a favourite web site of mine, even though I've neglected it of late; buying a lifetime membership should have cured me of that, so expect to see all the future Bunch of Authors books appearing in the widget at right. I prefer it to Shelfari for a number of reasons, chiefly for the LibraryThing's more community-oriented tone; I don't get foolish emails from strangers asking if they should read books in my collection (as if I can advise someone I don't know of that!), and even better, it has all the right covers for the Australian or English editions of books, which are generally the ones I own.

I think the links take you to Amazon, but don't feel you need to buy them from there: I don't have any kind of affiliate link, so there's no kickback in it for me.

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