Comics! And the Choose Your Book Adventure begins

I've been to the library, and I'm now halfway through the first book of the new challenge: The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break. I won't say much yet, except that I'm loving it.

I also borrowed some comics from the library, for the first time in a year or more. None were terribly memorable, except Sam Kieth's Batman: Secrets, which was weird, and Green Arrow: Year One, which was pretty great. I've no idea what the original Green Arrow origin was like, but this version of the playboy-to-hero story - by  Andy Diggle and Jock of The Losers fame - is very good. When written well, GA is one of my favourite DC characters, so it was great to see him broken and rebuilt at the start of his career. Based on this I might give The Losers a go, though it never seemed my cup of tea.

I now have a second pile, and have finished both the second hardcover collection of Preacher, and the first hardcover collection of Grant Morrison's JLA from the late 1990s. JLA is full of the usual big character team-up nonsense, but other than that it's okay. Preacher...well, I read it in one sitting. It's great stuff. Hopefully I can find the next one somewhere soon. I'm also looking forward to the second collection of Mouse Guard, which is next in the comics pile.

I'm also getting close to finishing the catch up series; three or four more books to go. I'll try and get those done before I finish The Minotaur, though I'm enjoying it so much I find it hard to put down for long. It's making me fall behind in my podcast listening on the daily commute!

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